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Board of Directors

Eric W. Thornburg , Chairman

Director since 2006
Eric W. Thornburg is the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Prior to his appointment in March 2006, Mr. Thornburg served as President of Missouri-American Water, a subsidiary of American Water Works Corporation, from 2000 to 2004. From July 2004 to January 2006, he also served as Central Region Vice President-External Affairs for American Water.

Richard H. Forde

Director since 2013
Richard H. Forde served as Senior Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of Cigna Corporation from April 2004 until his retirement in June 2012.

Mary Ann Hanley

Director since 1999
Mary Ann Hanley is Assistant to the President of St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center and Director of The Valencia Society, the endowment fund for the hospital. She is the Governor’s policy advisor for workforce development. From January 1995 to February 1998, she was legal counsel to the Governor’s Office, State of Connecticut.

Heather Hunt

Director since 2006
Heather Hunt is Executive Director of the New England States’ Committee on Electricity since January 2009. She is also an attorney with a regulatory law practice in Stratford, Connecticut. Previously, Ms. Hunt was Director of State and Local Government Affairs at United Technologies Corporation from January 2001 to September 2003. From June 1998 through December 2000, she was with the Southern Connecticut Gas Company in regulatory and public policy capacities, ultimately as Vice President. In addition, she served as a Commissioner of the Maine Public Utility Commission from October 1995 through May 1998 and as a Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control from October 1993 through July 1995.

Bradford A. Hunter

Director Since 2015
Bradford A. Hunter served as Chief Financial Officer of Dead River Company, the largest residential distributor of heating oil and propane in northern New England, from 2007 until his retirement in 2013. Previously, Mr. Hunter spent 26 years in commercial banking where he last served as Chairman and CEO of Bank of America, Maine and its predecessor, Fleet Bank of Maine.

Lisa Thibdaue

Director since 2000
Lisa J. Thibdaue was named the Vice President, Rates, Regulatory Affairs and Compliance at Northeast Utilities in January 1998 and has served as Vice President, Regulatory and Governmental Affairs at Northeast Utilities since 2005. From 1996 to 1997, she was Executive Director, Rates and Regulatory Affairs at Consumers Energy, a natural gas and electric utility located in Michigan. She is also on the Advisory Board of Michigan State University Institute of Public Utilities.

Carol P. Wallace , Lead Independent Director

Director since 2003
Carol P. Wallace is Chairman of Cooper-Atkins Corporation, a manufacturer of temperature acquisition instruments, and has served in that capacity since 2004 in addition to serving as its President and Chief Executive Officer since 1994. She is also a director of Zygo Corporation and Sandstone Group, LLC, Milwaukee, WI, and she serves as President of the Connecticut Technical High School System Foundation Board, and is a director of the Connecticut Development Authority.

Ellen C. Wolf

Director since 2015
Ellen C. Wolf served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of American Water Works Company, Inc., the largest investor owned U.S. water and wastewater company, from 2006 until her retirement in May 2013. Previously, Ms. Wolf served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Centrus Energy (formerly USEC, Inc.) from 2003 until 2006.

Communications with Directors

Directors welcome communications from shareholders. Any shareholder wishing to communicate with a Director may do so by contacting the Company’s Corporate Secretary:
Kristen A. Johnson
93 West Main Street
Clinton, CT 06413
(860) 664-6056

The Secretary will pass to the Director a written, e-mail, or phone communication. The Corporate Secretary has been authorized by the Board to screen frivolous or unlawful communications or commercial advertisements.