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The Dividend Reinvestment and Common Stock Purchase Plan (the “Plan”) of Connecticut Water Service, Inc. (the “Company”) provides the Company's shareholders, and customers and employees of the Company's regulated water utility subsidiaries, The Connecticut Water Company and The Maine Water Company,who reside in Connecticut and Maine, with automatic dividend reinvestment of all or a percentage of dividends on our Common Stock in additional shares of Common Stock and investment of optional cash payments of an aggregate from $25 to $3,333 per month in Common Stock of the Company. Participants pay NO brokerage commission or service charge upon the purchase of shares.

Shares of Common Stock may be purchased by the Agent for the Plan in the open market, in privately negotiated transactions or from the Company.


Broadridge Corporate Solutions, Inc.has been designated by the Company as the agent to administer the Plan for Participants, to purchase and hold shares of Common Stock acquired through the Plan, to maintain records, to send statements of accounts to participants, and to perform other duties relating to the Plan.


Shareholders: All holders of record of shares of Common Stock are entitled to participate in the Plan. In order to be eligible to participate, beneficial owners of Common Stock whose shares are registered in names other than their own (e.g., broker or bank nominees) must be share holders of record by having their shares transferred into their names.

Customers: All residential utility customers of the Company's regulated Water Company subsidiaries, The Connecticut Water Company and The Maine Water Company are eligible to participate in the Plan, as well as all members of households served by The Connecticut Water Company andThe Maine Water Company. Water consumers in the franchise territory served by The Companies who are not customers, such as renters and condominium owners, may participate in the Plan, except that groups of individuals such as tenant associations are not eligible to participate.

Employees: All full-time employees of The Connecticut Water Company and The Maine Water Companyare eligible to participate in the Plan.

Dividend Reinvestment

Participants may choose to reinvest all or a portion of the dividend paid on Common Stock. Reinvested dividends will be used to buy additional shares of Connecticut Water Service, Inc. Common Stock.

Direct Deposit of Dividend

Participants can authorize theBroadridgeCorporate Solutions, deposit cash dividends directly into their bank account.

Sale of Shares

The sale of shares through the Plan is subject to a $15 service fee and any applicable transfer taxes. Plan participants are responsible for all fees and taxes.

Safekeeping of Certificates

Participants may deposit stock certificates with theBroadridge Corporate Solutions, Inc.for safekeeping

Account Statements

You will receive a statement following each transaction providing the details of the transaction and the share balance in your account.